From May 25th to September 7th 2023


Corpo Atelier | Matteo di Ciommo | Paolo Gonzato | Et.tu. Brute.Studio | Marianne 3.0 | Lucas Muñoz Muñoz | Matteo Pellegrino | Antonino Sciortino | Kaja Upelj | Zieta

Analyzing our times, we feel that the new generations increasingly need freedom of expression, not only at an artistic and social level, but also at home.

Let’s think about everyday objects: until now they have been classified as objects, but we have never considered the problem of distinguishing them by “gender”. The intent of this exhibition is to pay particular attention to this aspect and to make people reflect on the distinction of genders based on belonging to certain categories: is the chair feminine or masculine? And the table?

Is Tolomeo female, male or non-gender? It’s a lamp therefore a female category, but it’s called Tolomeo….so was the designer involuntarily or deliberately a pioneer of no-gender? Of freedom?

Starting from this idea, we asked some designers to create works without classifying them by genre and without giving them a name so that it is the visitor who decides how to distinguish them and how to name them, motivating the reasons for that specific choice.

A dialogue to reflect on the boundary between art and design where everyone can find a welcoming, sophisticated and unconventional cultural proposal.