BOCA A BOCA is a project by CABANAmad that aims to create a network between artists all over the world. This residency program gives the selected artist the opportunity to live and work in the heart of Lisbon, exploring and discovering what the capital has to offer culturally and professionally.

The residency starts in January and will take place the exhibition at the end of the residency,in February, where will be shown new works made in Lisbon.

The first guest is DANIELE GIANNETTI.

Daniele Giannetti is a multimedia artist interested in the use of sounds/vibrations to re-engage with ancient rituals that resonate with different environments and bodies to elicit individual and collective responses. He works with sculptures, performances, installations and a sculptural approach to painting.

BOCA A BOCA happens once a year and it works in-forward, meaning that the present artist, this time Daniele Giannetti, will choose the next one, and so on, creating a borderless networking path between visual artists, photographers, performers, and other ways of expression.