from December 1st to 31st 2022


Marta Pombo
Demasiado [Too much]

Demasiado was born of a recurring childhood dream in which people were too large to fit into. The framing of the dream showed only a very large foot passing by, an enormous head that was not possible to see in full, the side of a giant hanging hand that calmly swung back and forth. Everything was too zoomed in to see the whole person.

It was distressing not being able to get enough distance to see the whole body. However, after waking up, from the nightmare it was kept the desire to reproduce it in the imagination, to reproduce this giant image difficult to understand, letting the anguish and vertigo prevail.

This installation intends to give substance to the dualities brought about by this dream and after waking up from it

caress-push     childhood-oldness    comfort-danger    affection-roughness    shelter-abyss

Demasiado was thought for CABANAmad’s windows, so as to be seen from the outside, from the bottom up.