from September 29th to December 17th 2022


Beatriz Coelho | Carlota Bóia Neto | Eva Gaspar | Gabriel Ribeiro | Maria Máximo | Matias Romano Aleman | Pedro Barassi | Pedro Moreira
Curated by Francisco Trêpa

The premise of this exhibition starts with the ideas of sharing and contagion from individual artistic expression to a sense of collectiveness. Caring is Sharing intends to reflect on the term “collective exhibition” as a motto, underpinning the artistic production presented in this exhibition.

Artistic practices, despite being often individual, were never constructed alone. References, inputs, collaboration, feedback, exchange, camaraderie, artistic and intellectual companies, are and have always been integral to the act of art-making. The creation process is permeable to and permeated by the outside world, thus forming, in process and in practice, an interior>exterior>interior micro-macro-cosmos.

In this exhibition, each artist will be challenged to permeate and activate the work of another artist. Starting from the logic of drawing lots, allowing chance to dictate which work each artist will react to. The idea is that the activation of one work results in another work. The process should be carried out with mutual freedom and respect.