from February 2nd to April 6th 2023


Dean Coates | Cristina Fiorenza | Paolo Gonzato | Thomas Mendonça | Rafael Perez

The association between ceramics and art is longer than average. It is a friendship born in the past centuries, and this fusion of water, earth and creativity has evolved through various modalities.

Ceramic artists of the 21st century are proving that this artistic medium has high conceptual and functional potential, attracted by its versatility, sensuality and its role as a platform for provocation.

From ceramicists who maintain ancient and traditional techniques, to those who discover radical ways of pushing materials beyond their limits. These pioneers and pattern-breakers are the shapers of the avant-garde in ceramic art

Ceramics has sometimes lost its function of use, such as that of precious tableware or indicator of social status, while remaining a privileged mirror of artists’ creativity.

The exhibition intends precisely to witness and investigate this fascinating vitality.