por definir

por definir


13th FEBRUARY to 23rd APRIL 2020


cláudia sofia
julien gallardeaux de gomes
teresa murta

Curated by Thomas Mendonça

With one foot in the symbolism – this exhibition dedicated to ceramic, drawing and painting – brings together a set of works where the figuration triumphs to better represent the imagination.
What matters the most here is the figurative basis of each work, where the densest images, due to their details or to their symbolic layers, raise the imagination beyond the reason.
The realism associated to narratives or to potential surreal scenes, establishes a bridge between dream and life, narrowing the limits that separate reason from delirium. Either in the landscapes, the figures, or the figures that are landscapes, truth and fantasy walk hand in hand, switch names and kiss each other’s lips to become more and more merged.