28th NOVEMBER to 23rd JANUARY 2020


Roger Coll Krazsnai
Bold Denign
Julio Dolbeth
Paolo Gonzato
Thomas Mendonça
Marta Pombo
Uau Project
Fabio Ricciardiello
Carvalho Ventura
Tomaz Viana
Franco Angeli
Edward Lear

During a trip we have the habit, perhaps even the instinct, of bringing an object home, something that can carry a little of what we’ve lived, an object that is more than just a memory – a souvenir. Travel by travel our home becomes a house of memories.

SOUVENIR, the French word for remembrance, is recognized and adopted by other languages as an object that reminds us of someone or something, usually a place. Object which presence and protagonism were shaken by the industrialization and the influence that it had on fine arts.

CABANAmad invites a group of artists and designers to interpret their concept of souvenir and compare it with the concept of two other artists and with some souvenirs from the past.