MATERIA [ma-tè-ria]



​A journey through matter, inert and concrete foundation of all things. An inquiry into the essence of which every object is made, every work. ‘Matter’ means to be the constructive scenario of everything that is rational or asymmetric, varied and irregular, as complex as art and life itself. The set-up aims to offer a sense of evasion from the social world, a place where to find the origins of things, their true essence.

Contemporary and vintage works including:

Alvaro Siza Vieira, Antonino Sciortino, Hirohiko Araki, BBPR, Daniele Galliano, F.lli Levaggi, Fabscarte, Fish Design, Jacopo Foggini, Jesus Rafael Soto, Krateres, Mario Schifano, Massimo Lunardon, Maurizio Galimberti, Mauro Fabbro, Stilux, Tiffany, Venini, Xaba