from April 7th to May 26th


Francesca Iovene

Francesca Iovene is a photographer with an architectural background who lives between Berlin and Milan. After completing her MSc in Architecture at Politecnico di Milano, she devoted herself to documentary photography, with a keen eye for places’ intimacy.

She works on both personal research and commissioned projects, her pictures are regularly published on the major photography, architecture and design magazines.
Iovene’s work was been exhibited in galleries and institutions such as Triennale di Milano, Riaperture Photofestival Ferrara and Forte Malatesta in Ascoli Piceno.

In 2020 she received an assignment from Sagep Editori to portray modern architecture in Genoa, and in 2021 she was selected by ICCD (Central Institute for Cataloguing and Documentation – an institution of the Italian Culture Ministry) to document the cultural heritage in the south of Italy.

In the last years Francesca had the chance to hold lectures about her work at Politecnico di Milano. She lived one year in Chile where she started an on-going project in the Atacama Desert.

She also co-founded Camerae Magazine, a project that highlights artists’ studios from all over the world, and Scenario, both an image consultant agency and a platform for promoting photographers’ works and sharing a digital archive of architecture and urban stories.

Francesca instinctively focuses on space’s atmospheres to narrate sensations, memories and experiences of her own life, bringing her subjective reality into the objective world, in a way to stage everyday life as it is experienced. Light, objects and both unique and recurrent phenomena characterize architecture and places in general, making them look like themselves, but always different.

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