1st June to 23rd September 2021


OFFICE, Lisbon | João Veríssimo and Miguel Cavaleiro
CORPO, Faro | Filipe Paixão
MEZZO ATELIER, São Miguel, Açores | Giacomo Mezzadri and Joana Oliveira
NMS, Oporto | Nuno M Sousa
PONTO ATELIER, Funchal, Madeira | Pedro Ribeiro and Ana Pedro Ferreira
Curated by Antonio Lettieri, Catarina Croft and Amílcar Nunes

from the BODY ,

from the TIME,

from the LANGUAGE built by 5 young Portuguese studios, today.

GEOgraphias presents an exhibition about the work of five Portuguese architecture studios that have been developing dichotomies between representation, project and work, proposing to reflect about graphic representations resulting from the human actions and perceptions about the place that one lives and its construction.

GEO, from place, landscape and territory. The selected studios represent different places, characterized by specificities of the territories to which they belong.

GRAPHIA, from graphic characterization, cartography and discipline that veicules a representation. The selected studios differ from the methods with which they interact and the way that they communicate trough their graphias.

The exhibition presents in a first moment a chain of dialogues between the studios and the geographic places in which they intervene, and in a second moment a dip about the body and the transposition of language, unique in each studio and its territory.

Through the presentation of the selected works, the intention is to discuss, today, about the identities that can be generated in architectural language arising from the places where they exist; about the dialogues that can be established between representations and transpositions to the work; about the construction of tectonic bodies, integral parts of memory networks, of time and places.

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